Ceiling hoist - with motor fixed on the rail

Ceiling motor ; Handi-Move Body Support® - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Ergonomic lifting with no loss of space

  • independent transfer possible with Handi-Move® Body Support
  • can be used with slings
  • the fastest ceiling motor
  • motor and rail systems make it possible to access all areas
  • optional wireless control
  • back-up control on the motor
  • emergency down and emergency stop within reach from the floor

Ceiling motor

Imagine: you want to move freely in all spaces without being hindered by doorways, carpets or obstacles on the floor. Realize your dream with a 2800 series track system for continuous movement from room to room. A local representative will work with you to custom design your layout to safely bring you where you need to transfer.

Ceiling motor - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Ceiling hoist with lateral motor drive - living independently

If you have lost the ability to transfer manually but you still have a limited range of motion with adequate muscle tone, it may be possible for you to self-transfer with either the 2800 L or 2800 LRC track system. Go from your bed to wheel- chair, toilet or bath in silence with a soft stop and start motion. The motor, which operates on rechargeable batteries,has a lifting capacity up to 200 kg.
The LRC wireless infrared remote model gives you the ultimate control to send the motor away when not needed and summon it back when you are ready to go.

Ceiling motor ; Handi-Move Body Support® - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Efficient and quick solution for attendant care

Let the motor help you with the strain of lifting and lowering. Easily transport the person laterally along the track system once they are suspended.
Transfers to bed, bath or toilet have never been easier. All Handi-Move track systems can be used with either the Handi-Move Body Support® or Handi-Move slings. So everyone can be accommodated regardless of their disability.
Handi-Move® track systems are perfect for professional as well as private applications. The 2800 series motor works with an electric handcontrol; the 2805 IR works with an infra-red handcontrol.

Ceiling motor ; Standard spreader bar - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Self-transferring from wheelchair to bed

You can use a ceiling motor with a SureHands® body support to move between your bed and your wheelchair. You decide when you get up or go to sleep!

Ceiling motor ; Handi-Move Body Support® - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Into the bath with the SureHands® Body Support

The SureHands® Body Support is made from stainless steel and is rust resistant. It does not have any components that absorb moisture so it can be wiped dry and is easy to clean and disinfect. This makes it perfect for use in bathing and swimming.

Ceiling motor ; Handi-Move Body Support® - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Ideal for the toilet

A SureHands® Body Support is helpful for toileting independently because the fully unencumbered bottom and back region allows for easy access to clothing.

Ceiling motor ; Handi-Move Body Support® - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Into the pool with the Handi-Move Body Support® and ceiling motor: independent use or with an attendant

Handi-Move does not only offer the pool lift, but also a celing motor can be used as a pool lift. Ideal for intensive use and in pools where floor sockets cannot be installed. You are prefectly safe in the Handi-Move Body Support®.

Lifting systems - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Customized solutions

Avoid costly remodeling of spaces that are not ideally set up for transfers. With numerous off-the-shelf accessories to choose from, e.g. curved and traverse tracks, switches and turning disks just to name a few, Handi-Move offers you plenty of options.

Ceiling motor - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Discreet appearance blends with each interior

With its grey finish and muted, aesthetic styling,the ceiling motor blends nicely into most interiors.

Ceiling hoist - with motor fixed on the rail ; Ceiling track rails ; Handi-Move Body Support® - Handi-Rehab Patient lift hoist

Distance control anywhere on the ceiling track

Handi-Move provides magnetic contacts for use with the 2800 L and 2805 IR ceiling motors, which can be placed anywhere along the track to insure that the motor will stop at certain predetermined places, e.g. middle of the toilet, on the charging pins, etc.

Mechanical emergency down and dual controls

As an additional safety measure, a mechanical emergency down has been incorporated that can be operated independently.

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