To the toilet

If your physical limitations do not prevent it, you can use a ceiling motor with a body support to go to the toilet on your own.

To the toilet

Ideal for the toilet

A SureHands® Body Support is helpful for toileting independently because the fully unencumbered bottom and back region allows for easy access to clothing.

Handi-Move  - Handi-Move Body Support® , Ceiling motor

To the toilet with the assistance of a caregiver.

Handi-Move offers several solutions to put you on the toilet with the assistance of a caregiver - with minimal effort. It is possible with all Handi-Move Lift & Care systems, e.g. the Handi-Move mobile lifters and wall lifts combined with a Handi-Move sling.

Handi-Move  - Ceiling motor , Standard spreader bar , Hygiene sling with head support

Hygiene Sling

The Hygiene Sling is suitable for all transfers and ideal for toileting. Sometimes referred to as a toileting sling, this model is especially designed with the bottom and lower back open to make toileting possible while in the security of a sling. This opening allows access so the clothing can be removed while the user is supported by the sling.

Handi-Move  - Standard spreader bar , Hygiene sling , Mobile hoist 1640

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