Lifting systems

Patient lifts for professional and independent use

Handi-Move  - Handi-Move Body Support® , Ceiling motor, Lifting systems

Ceiling motor

Ergonomic lifting with no loss of space

Handi-Move  - Portable motor, Lifting systems

Portable motor

You can use it everywhere

Handi-Move  - Portable motor , Portable motor + Tarzan, Lifting systems

Portable motor + Tarzan

Modified version for two adjoining rooms

Handi-Move  - Mobile hoist 2600 (Victor), Lifting systems

Mobile hoist 2600 (Victor)

Fast, powerful, easy to use, versatile, and durable

Handi-Move  - Mobile hoist 2600 (Victor) , Mobile hoists with tilting spreader bar 2610 (Victor) , New product, Lifting systems

Mobile hoists with tilting spreader bar 2610 (Victor)

Effortlessly from sitting to lying position

Handi-Move  - Classic spreader bar , Mobile hoist 1640 , Bath seat PVC, Lifting systems

Mobile hoist 1640

A versatile solution

Handi-Move  - Hygiene sling , Mobile hoist 1641, Lifting systems

Mobile hoist 1641

When extra lifting range is important

Handi-Move  - Standard/contour sling , Mobile hoist 1630, Lifting systems

Mobile hoist 1630

A budget friendly solution for home care

Handi-Move  - Foldable mobile hoist, Lifting systems

Foldable mobile hoist

A budget friendly solution for home care

Handi-Move  - Active hoist , Active sling, Lifting systems

Active hoist 1620

Quickly lifts to a standing position - ideal for toileting

Handi-Move  - Wall lift, Lifting systems

Wall lift

A versatile solution for many situations

Handi-Move  - Mobile pool lift , Lifting systems

Mobile pool lift

Move directly from your wheelchair to the pool

Handi-Move , Lifting systems

Ceiling motor as pool lift

Even larger lifting range

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