Portable Motor and Tarzan

  • Brand: Handi Move
  • Product Code: portable-motor-tarzan
  • Availability: In Stock

Modified version for two adjoining rooms

  • Light and compact
  • Powerful, lifts up to 182 kg
  • Durable, gets you through multiple lifts between charges
  • Built-in spreader bar for Handi-Slings and built-in hook for SureHands Body SupportĀ®
  • Emergency down feature

Portable motor + Tarzan

A modified version of the Handi-Move portable motor allows for lifting between two adjoining rooms. Most conventional doorways do not need to be modified making the portable motor a good choice when door headers cannot be removed. The motor loops under the doorway to a section of track in the adjacent room while keeping the user suspended in the Handi-Move Sling or Handi-Move Body Support.