Mobile Hoists with Tilting Spreader Bar 2610

  • Brand: Handi Move
  • Product Code: mobile-hoists- with-tilting-spreader-bar-2610
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Effortlessly from sitting to lying position

  • For easy positioning in the wheelchair
  • Simultaneous up/down and tilting adjustment with the hand control
  • 360° rotation of the tilting spreaderbar
  • Lifts twice as fast
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Electrically adjustable base
  • Aluminium construction for easy care
  • Exchangeable battery box or directcharging

Mobile hoist 2600 (Victor)

The Handi-Move mobile hoist 2600 (Victor) is a passive mobile hoist for intensive use in a professional environment. This device is designed for fast, efficient and frequent lifting of persons with limited mobility in facilities for persons with disabilities, residential care facilities, hospitals, and other professional settings. It is versatile and can be used in all situations.

Electric tilting spreaderbar

Using the Handi-Move electric tilting spreaderbar, users can be easily and effortlessly transferred by caregivers from a sitting to a lying position. The electric tilting spreaderbar can be used on both the mobile hoist 2600 (Victor) and Handi-Move ceiling hoists, in combination with slings. The tilting spreaderbar has two suspension points on either side, providing sufficient space for the user's head in the middle. The user's view is therefore not impaired, in contrast to hoists that have a central suspension point. The tilting spreaderbar on the lift system is able to rotate through 360°. Functions such as moving up and down, and tilting the spreaderbar can be operated simultaneously which saves time for caregivers and increases comfort for the user.


The tilting spreaderbar can be used with different types of slings: standard slings, toilet and bathing slings, with or without head support, and customized slings. The sling is attached to the spreaderbar with metal enforced synthetic clips.