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The user’s quality of life is Handi-Move’s first priority. The company considers it their mission to develop, produce, and distribute innovative and reliable lift and transfer systems that increase the bodily comfort and well-being of the user.
Ninove, Belgium 1 October 1982. 

Serving private and professional markets

Our lift and care systems are popular with both private and professional consumers. Wherever there is a need for a practical and innovative approach to safe patient handling or self care, we have the answer. Accessing the bed, bath, or toilet are the immediate objectives, but changing clothes, catheterization, standing and ambulating, taking a swim or even mounting a horse are goals that can be met by many.

Handi-Move’s mission is to continue to innovate in the user’s best interest. Throughout the world, Handi-Move representatives work closely with care providers in the private and professional marketplace. We perform site evaluations and patient assessments and then recommend appropriate systems to best meet the need and the budget. Our designs and drawings will insure that systems are discreetly incorporated into the home or professional environment.

In the user’s best interest

We recognize the special needs of the population we serve. Our ability to solve our customers’ problems is the key to our success. Each new request is a challenge to find a solution. The goal is to give every customer expert advice. Frequently our best solutions are the most economical. We train employees and representatives to offer responsible solutions consistent with our ethical philosophy.

A partner forever

A Handi-Move representative understands the important nature of his or her work and acts more as a guide and advisor than a sales person. A thorough explanation and evaluation covers the process through installation. After the sale, training is conducted by the representative. Proper usage and maintenance are reviewed. Our customers can count on unparalleled service response throughout the generous warranty period and beyond. 

Handi-Move engineers at work

Handi-Move is driven towards being n° 1 in lifting solutions. Therefore, the ever expanding Research and Development department at Handi-Move searches relentlessly for answers to the latest requirements in the market. The prototypes that they develop are subjected to the most exacting tests. Before releasing a new product we must be satisfied that it meets the stated objectives and that it will perform safely for a long time.

A production team of specialists

The production department is in the hands of well-trained and experienced specialists, who are driven by a strong desire for perfection. For years they have insured that each lift system meets a comprehensive series of quality tests before leaving the Handi-Move factory.

Global presence

Our systems and services are available in Europe, North America and Japan. Trained sales and service professionals are busy assisting and advising wheelchair users, their caregivers, doctors, therapists and other professionals on the solutions that will offer more freedom and quality of life for all. We’ve provided sound solutions to more than 30,000 people - all with various degrees of ability and each one with a unique set of goals.


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